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Adapted vehicles available
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The Water Park

The Water Park
The Water Park
The Water Park
The Water Park
The Water Park
The Water Park
The Water Park

Parque El Agua is the 1st of Venezuela. Has 45.000m2 of entertainment, fun, water and sun. It has a lazy river for your enjoyment and relaxation. Our attractions were named as an allegory to some parts of Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, southeastern Venezuela. Their names belong to the Pemon language, spoken by the ethnic groups that populate this region of the Caroni River Basin.



You will receive a voucher including all information you need including:
- Where do you have to call to confirm the booking
- The location of the meeting point
- How to receive pick up time
Print out the voucher and read the instructions carefully.

Offer supplied by Hotelbeds (member of World of Tui)


Country  Venezuela.

Region  Nueva Esparta Estate.

City  El Tirano.

Address or meeting point  With transfer the point of pick up will be the hotel / without transfer the passenger should go directly to the park (bus, taxi, etc)


Start or opening time  10:00 am.

End or closing time  17:00 pm.


Is there any parking? Is it on the street, private or public?  Yes, there's a parking place.

How do you get there by car?  Avenue July 31, Playa El Agua, El Tirano. Cross your right where visualize a pirate ship.

Is it possible to get there by public transport?  Yes.

List each means of public transportion and the stop's name  By bus, take the road in direction playa el agua from downtown Porlamar

Distance from the venue to the stop  1km

Guides & companions

Are audio guides or brochures available? if so, in which languages?  Yes, Spanish and English.

Shopping information

Is there a shop? How much time is spent on shopping?  Yes, depends of client time.

Are credit/debit cards accepted? Which ones?  No only cash.

Are any commercial stops made during the tour?  No.

Content & Specialized items

List all additional items clients need to bring (towels,...)  Confortable clothes, swim suit, sunblock.

List the specific clothing required  Confortable clothes, swim suit, sunblock.


Is lunch/dinner included on this tour?  Fast food and la carte.

Is bottled water and/or soft drinks included with the meals?  No.

Is coffee or tea included at the end of each meal?  No.

Are there smoking / non smoking areas?  Yes.

Are toilets available?  Yes.

May the client bring his/her own food? Is there a picnic area?  No.


Is there a snack included?  No.


Are drinks included?  No.

Is there any place to get a drink?  Yes.

How many drinks per person are allowed?  As many as the client wants.

If an open bar is available, what type of drinks are served?  Yes, alcoholics and non alcoholic driks.


List all venues where restrooms are available  All park.

Which of them are accessible by wheelchair?  All.

Is there a charge to use any of them?  No.

Are there any restroom-only stops during the tour?  No.

Physical condition

What is the fitness level required?  Any.

Would people with limited mobility have accessibility problems? (to the vehicle, to the restaurant,...)  Yes.

Is it feasible for wheelchair-confined persons?  No.

What type of paving does it have? (flat, uneven...)  Uneven.

How much walking is required? (km, meters)  All park.


Is there any fee or limitation for photo/video camera usage?  No.

Are there any additional costs? List them  No.

Which currencies are accepted?  Bolivares.

Which is the minimum/maximum height to participate?  Minimum 1.20 mts of high.

Others  Is essential to have identification / park includes lockers, dressing and photo memories