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Lagos and Sagres

Lagos and Sagres
Lagos and Sagres
Lagos and Sagres
Lagos and Sagres
Lagos and Sagres
Lagos and Sagres
Lagos and Sagres

Come with us on this tour and take the opportunity to discover two of Southern Portugal’s most iconic cities, Lagos and Sagres. Lagos was the residence of King Henry the Navigator at the time of his epoch-making discoveries. This city was the centre for trade with the Portuguese colonies in Africa and we will visit the poignant former slave market which dates from this time. Then we will drive along the stunning coast, past the impressive Praia do Camilo and unforgettable Ponta da Piedade before stopping at the Church of San Antonio, declared National Monument of Portugal for a guided tour. The next stop is bracing Sagres, at the very edge of continental Europe, Portugal’s very own Lands’ End. You will learn how the great navigators who opened up new routes around the world in the sixteenth century learnt their trade here in the famous Navigational School founded in the great fortress which we will take the opportunity to visit. It was from here that the ships sailed out into the unknown on voyages of discovery. Distinguished mariners and great explorers like King Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan studied here. Our final stop, Cabo de San Vicente is a magical lonely place, once considered the edge of the world where you can look out on the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean from its majestic cliffs. The tour ends with a return to the starting point.



You will receive a voucher including all information you need including:
- Where do you have to call to confirm the booking
- The location of the meeting point
- How to receive pick up time
Print out the voucher and read the instructions carefully.

Offer supplied by Hotelbeds (member of World of Tui)


Country  Portugal

Region  Algarve

City  Lagos, Ponta da Piedade and Sagres.

Address or meeting point  Departure from several points in Algarve. Client must call (24 hs before) to confirme the time and the meeting point. several cities in the Algarve.


kilometers  250 km.

Start or opening time  Between 12:30 and 14:00 hs.

End or closing time  Between 19:00 and 20:00 hs.


Maximum number  No maximum.

Minimum number  6 persons.

Guides & companions

Is it done with a guide, a driver and/or an instructor?  With guide.

Which languages do guide/instructors speak?  English, German and French.

Are audio guides or brochures available? if so, in which languages?  No

Which is the guide/guest ratio?  One guide per 45 persons.

Shopping information

Is there a shop? How much time is spent on shopping?  Yes, 1 hour.

Are credit/debit cards accepted? Which ones?  Yes, Visa and Amex.

Are any commercial stops made during the tour?  Yes

List the shopping venues included  In Lagos and Sagres.

Content & Specialized items

Are additional items needed? Which ones are included?  No

List all additional items clients need to bring (towels,...)  Photo camera is recommended.

List the specific clothing required  Comfortable shoes.


Is lunch/dinner included on this tour?  No


Is there a snack included?  No


Are drinks included?  No


List all venues where restrooms are available  In the different places visited there are restrooms available.

Is there a charge to use any of them?  No

Are there any restroom-only stops during the tour?  No

Physical condition

What is the fitness level required?  Good general health.

Would people with limited mobility have accessibility problems? (to the vehicle, to the restaurant,...)  Yes

Is it feasible for wheelchair-confined persons?  Only with a person in charge of the one in the wheelchair.

What type of paving does it have? (flat, uneven...)  Paved and cobblestone streets.

How much walking is required? (km, meters)  Variable, depending on what the guest does with the time at leisure given on the tour.


Is there any fee or limitation for photo/video camera usage?  No

Are there any additional costs? List them  Entrance fees in the Santo Antonio Church and Museum in Lagos.

List the venues where credit/debit cards are NOT accepted  Some small souvenir shops.

Which currencies are accepted?  Euros

Which is the minimum/maximum age to participate? (for all or each one of the activities)  No age limit.

Which is the minimum/maximum height to participate?  No height limit.

Which is the minimum/maximum weight to participate?  No weight limit.

Is a waiver required for participation?  No