Your booking is guaranteed by law

Spain depends on tourism!
Spanish law protects you and your consumer rights.

Spanish law guarantees your hotel stay and protects you against bankruptcy and fraudulent behaviour of tour operators.

Hotel Vouchers are official documents.

When you present your Hotel Voucher, the hotelier is legally obliged to provide the accommodation you have booked. In the case of overbooking, equivalent or superior accommodation must be provided by the hotelier.

Incoming Agencies.

Incoming agencies are an unknown concept in Northern Europe. In Southern Europe they are the link between tour operators and hoteliers, which bear the financial risk for your hotel stay. The hotelier's payment is guaranteed by the incoming agency.

When presented with a valid hotel voucher, hoteliers cannot deny you, or evict you from your accommodation, even if a tour operator goes bankrupt. Therefore, a tour operator should work with highly reputable incoming agencies, which are there to deal with any emergency. is proud to be in partnership with, and have the confidence of two of the world's leading incoming agencies:

Book confidently with EuropaSol.

When you make your booking, a hotel voucher from TUI Hotelbeds or Alpitour World is automatically sent by email together with your booking confirmation. This voucher is only valid once your full and final payment has been received and can be presented to the hotelier in conjunction with proof of payment such as your receipt, bank or credit card statement.

For your convenience, upon receipt of your final payment, a new, valid, hotel voucher will sent by email which does not need to be accompanied by proof of payment.